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Siskiyou Media Council volunteers are part of an exciting movement toward greater community dialogue and communication. We’re a big county, and we’re pretty spread out. One of the best ways to find out what everybody’s doing and thinking is to “shrink the geography” through technology – local television content and information streamed online.

When you volunteer as a crew member for an individual or a non-profit video production, you’re helping “get the word out” about ideas, opinions, and available services around our county.

When you volunteer to film an event in your community, you’re helping your county-wide community see what your town or city is doing and learning something new.

When you volunteer in any capacity, you’re helping Siskiyou Media Council move the county forward into greater communication and information exchange.

Got a volunteer idea we’ve not thought of? Want to help with something we’re already working on? Give us a call at (530) 918-8411 or email info@siskiyoumediacouncil.org.

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Here’s how…

Work in the production studio

Film a community event

Help out on youth media projects


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