Underwriting Opportunities

Underwriting the mission of Siskiyou Media Council lets the community know that your non-profit organization or business supports our mission to “promote the media production and broadcast of information, events, opinions, and creative programming by and for the people of Siskiyou County.”

Underwriting also supports:

  • The Internet-based emergency warning and alert system created through a Memorandum of Understanding between SMC and the Siskiyou County Office of Emergency Services – the first and only such electronic system in place for Siskiyou County.
  • Public access to all media broadcast studios operated and managed by Siskiyou Media Council.
  • Applied experiences in media for Siskiyou County youth.
  • The ongoing efforts of Siskiyou Media Council to develop and implement communication and information services for the Siskiyou County community.

Underwriters have the opportunity to record a 15 second spot which includes:

  • Visual cues to identify the underwriting non-profit or business;
  • Verbal message by staff member of the organization or owner of the business voicing support for the mission and efforts of Siskiyou Media Council and describing underwriter’s service or work in the community; and
  • Caption listing the name and contact information of the underwriting organization or business.

Underwriters may opt instead for a “static” 15 second spot which includes all of the above in written and pictorial – rather than video – format.

Underwriting Fee Overview (FY2013/2014)

Your 15 second spot will be shown twice daily via MCTV15 and YCTV4, online and on television!

  • For 3 months – $180
  • For 6 months – $350
  • For one year  – $680

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