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Become a Producer

Make Your Own Show

How do I get started?

The first step toward making a television show or series of shows is to contact SMC staff to express your interest and set up a meeting to cover the following:

  • Complete application and payment of the appropriate SMC membership level.
  • Discuss your show/series idea and receive input from SMC staff on ways to make both the production process and the show/series itself successful.
  • Receive a brief orientation, which will include a review of SMC Policies and Procedures and a tour of the production facility.
  • Schedule training, and become certified on SMC equipment.
  • Reserve the studio for production, and pay the studio rental fee.

What’s involved in show production?

One SMC staff member (called the “Production Coordinator”) is on-site for each production to manage all crew positions and make sure each production is properly recorded. Every other aspect of the production – including but not limited to content, set design, floor direction, camera work, music, and editing– is the responsibility of the producer.

Each public access producer is responsible for the following Production Protocols:

  • Bring a minimum of 4 volunteers to assist with studio set-up/clean-up and serve as production crew (camera work, set design, technical direction, floor direction, basic microphone set-up and sound check) under the direction of the Production Coordinator, who will also provide basic instruction (Note: SMC maintains a list of volunteers who may be available to help with your production and who have agreed to be contacted for that purpose);
  • Arrive on time and complete your production – including studio clean-up!! – in the 2.5 hours allotted for each production;
  • Immediately upon arrival in the studio, submit completed Production Information MCTV15 and Production Agreement MCTV15 forms to the Production Coordinator on duty;
  • Create the stage set for your show with the furniture and decorations available in the studio (Note: with SMC staff approval, you may bring additional items of your own for set design);
  • Follow the Production Coordinator’s guidance and instruction throughout your time in the studio; and,
  • Arrange for invited show guests/speakers to arrive no more than 45 minutes after you and your volunteers arrive – this allows you to “get things rolling” before your guests/speakers arrive.

Are there alternatives to the standard public access production protocols listed above?

Once you’ve discussed your show/series idea with SMC staff, it will be clearer to you what production support, other than the SMC Production Coordinator, you may need. Among the possibilities are:

  • Any member may turn the entire production job over to SMC! For a moderate contract fee (FY2013/2014 rate for a ½ hour show with basic lighting, minimal stage set requirements, and no inserts or photographs: $775.00), the organization will supply the entire crew needed to produce your show and accomplish all the tasks associated with production. These Turn-Key Production arrangements provide the following benefits:
    •  Eliminates the need to enlist volunteers;
    •  Ensures that all production positions are filled with skilled crew members; and
    •  Frees your attention for polishing/reviewing show content and engaging with any guests or speakers you’ve invited onto your show.
  • Members at the sponser level receive one free Turn-Key production annually while membership is active.
  • All Business members receive a 10% discount on Turn-Key production fees.

(Note: As the executive producer of a “turn-key” production, you retain the rights to and responsibility for your show’s content.)

When will my show or series be scheduled to air on cable television and online?

The SMC staff member responsible for program scheduling will work with you to find available times and days to air your show. Our organization makes every effort to schedule local productions in a way that maximizes potential viewing by the community.

Studio and Equipment Rental/Rates & Protocols

Standard single reservation

  • Fee: $50 (for 2.5 hrs studio* or 3 hours editing bay or 1 equipment rental**)
  • Privileges may be arranged per booking protocols (below)

Studio Booking Protocol

  • All members of Siskiyou Media Council (SMC) may utilize the public access studio facilities managed and operated by SMC for the purpose of producing non-commercial television shows to be broadcast on MCTV15 and/or YCTV4 and streamed online at siskiyoumediacouncil.org
  • To arrange studio bookings call the SMC administrative office at (530) 918-8411.

Equipment Rental and Editing Bay Booking Protocol

  • All members of Siskiyou Media Council may rent equipment and book time at video editing bays managed and operated by SMC.
  • Requests will be honored on a “first come, first served” basis, as scheduling permits.
  • Rental fee covers a 3-day rental period.

Equipment Deposit

  • A certified check made out to Siskiyou Media Council in the amount of $500.00 must be left with SMC staff when equipment is checked out.
  • When all components of the rented equipment are returned in good working order, the uncashed check will be returned to the renter.
  • SMC reserves the right to deposit check if equipment is not returned in good working order or is not returned on the due date.


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