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Any local adult resident, authorized minor, representative of a Siskiyou County area non-profit organization, local government agency, local educational establishment, or student enrolled at College of the Siskiyous is eligible to use the public access television production facilities operated and managed by Siskiyou Media Council (SMC).

Anyone who falls into one of the above categories and wishes to utilize the public access facilities to produce a television show or series of shows may join SMC as a member (see Membership) and enjoy “producer status” privileges. “Producer status” allows access to the production facilities, editing stations, and equipment rental you might need in order to make a show.

Shows produced in a public access studio and/or shows submitted for broadcast on a public access channel must adhere to the FCC regulations governing content. Basic regulations prohibit the following:

  • Material contrary to local, state or federal laws, regulations, procedures or policy, including but not limited to obscene or indecent material;
  • Material that is libelous, slanderous, or in any other way defaming of character;
  • Material that is an unlawful invasion of privacy;
  • Advertising or material which promotes a commercial product or service;
  • Material which violates copyright law; and,
  • Material that promotes or constitutes gambling, solicitation, or an appeal for funds.

Before you make a show or submit a show for broadcast, talk with a Siskiyou Media Council staff member to be sure the show’s content is appropriate. Remember – you are legally responsible for the content of any show that you produce or submit for broadcast!

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