Public Access Television Show Production

Any local adult resident, authorized minor, representative of a Siskiyou County area non-profit organization, local government agency, local educational establishment, are eligible to access SMC resources to produce content for broadcast on public access television.

Please see the “Submit a Video” for details and file formats and applicable submission fees.

Shows produced in a public access studio and/or shows submitted for broadcast on a public access channel must adhere to the FCC regulations governing content. Basic regulations prohibit the following:

  • Material contrary to local, state or federal laws, regulations, procedures or policy, including but not limited to obscene or indecent material;
  • Material that is libelous, slanderous, or in any other way defaming of character;
  • Material that is an unlawful invasion of privacy;
  • Advertising or material which promotes a commercial product or service;
  • Material which violates copyright law; and,
  • Material that promotes or constitutes gambling, solicitation, or an appeal for funds.

Before you make a show or submit a show for broadcast, talk with a Siskiyou Media Council staff member to be sure the show’s content is appropriate. Remember – you are legally responsible for the content of any show that you produce or submit for broadcast!

Public Access TV

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