Siskiyou Media Council


Regular Board Meetings are held monthly on the second Thursday of the month. Please check out the “Meetings” page under “Board of Directors” for the meeting locations and times.

Board meetings start at 9am and generally last 2 hours. These meetings are open to the public. All public SMC records are available for inspection, by prior arrangement. Board meeting minutes are available on this website.

Siskiyou Media Council’s tax identification number is 68-0472204.

A brief history…

Public access cable channel Mountain Community Television 15 (MCTV15) was founded in 1998 by a group of south Siskiyou County residents dedicated to “encouraging and supporting the use of media for sharing thoughts, opinions and events by and for the people of Siskiyou County.” The earliest programs were broadcast live on the street with a camera and microphone dangling from Northland Cable’s system in Mount Shasta’s City Hall.

Over time, as the group acquired equipment and studio space, MCTV15 content began to feature both in-studio and field productions in addition to the government meetings broadcast from the cities of Mount Shasta, Weed, and Dunsmuir. MCTV15 was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in 2002.

In 2007 the organization was restructured and renamed Siskiyou Media Council (SMC), with a broader vision that addressed emerging communication needs in Siskiyou County. Siskiyou Media Council continues to manage and operate MCTV15 on the south county’s Northland cable television system as one of its projects.

Where we are now…

Siskiyou Media Council contracted with the City of Yreka in April 2012 to manage and operate the north Siskiyou County public access cable channel, Yreka Community Television (YCTV4). YCTV4 is one of the oldest community channels in the United States; the YCTV4 video library includes programming dating from as early as the 1940s.

Thanks to a generous Shasta Regional Community Foundation equipment grant, funded through The McConnell Foundation, Siskiyou Media Council was able to develop a broadcast and online streaming system that brought the YCTV4 broadcast capability up to current industry standard. We were also able to begin refurbishing the broadcast studio in Weed. Remaining funds were used to purchase equipment for a small studio facility in Yreka.