“Turn-key” Productions

“Turn-key” Productions

Just shy of full professional productions, “turn-key” productions at Siskiyou Media Council’s MCTV15 studio in Weed ensure both timely studio work and reliably high quality production values by utilizing SMC staff and contract crew members skilled in camera use, lighting, sound, set design, and all other required video production technology.

“Turn-key” productions are priced and managed contractually as individual projects, by arrangement with the SMC executive director. Costs vary according to the scope of the program or series to be produced. Call the Siskiyou Media Council administrative office at (530) 938-5285 and let us know what kind of show you’re planning. We’ll help you determine the most effective way to utilize our “turn-key” production service.

Basic “Turn-key” Production Pricing Overview 

(Note: The fee schedule estimated below is based on a ½ hr studio production with basic lighting and minimal stage set requirements, with maximum 3 video inserts or photographs.)

Minimum Production Crew:

Camera operators

Floor Director

Set designer/switcher operator

Sound and lighting technician

Tricaster operator

Director/Production Coordinator


One DVD with show content

(additional DVDs not included, @ $20/ea)

Production time:

2.5 hours

Estimated minimum basic cost:


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