Bulletin Board Access

One of the best ways we can help “get the word out” about meetings, city and county services, non-profit services, school events, and so on is through our Siskiyou Community Bulletin Board.

Posting privileges on the Bulletin Board are just one feature of SMC membership. Each member organization has its own category with announcement pages designed with the help of our staff. Posting can be done remotely from any computer with Internet capability, via a simple password system. It’s a straightforward process and we’ll help you learn how to do it!

Community viewers can find the Siskiyou Community Bulletin Board scrolling 24/7 on this website, with a drop-down option that allows you to search for the announcement you’re looking for. The Bulletin Board also scrolls on the MCTV15 television broadcast and online stream between shows and three times a day for a full hour 8am, 12noon, and 5pm. Starting in the Fall 2012, the Bulletin Board will also scroll on YCTV4 television broadcast and online stream between shows, and for a full hour three times a day.

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