Studio/Equipment Rental

Studio and Equipment Rental/Rates & Protocols

Standard single reservation

  • Fee: $30 (for 2.5 hrs studio* or 3 hours editing bay or 1 equipment rental**)
  • Privileges may be arranged per booking protocols (below)

Studio Booking Protocol

  • All individual, non-profit, and business members of Siskiyou Media Council (SMC) may utilize the public access studio facilities managed and operated by SMC for the purpose of producing non-commercial television shows to be broadcast on MCTV15 and/or YCTV4 and streamed online at
  • Requests for Wednesday production slots in the MCTV15 studio in the COS LRC must be made at least 2 weeks before the desired production date and time
  • Available standard slots: 12pm – 2:30pm, 3pm – 5:30pm
  • To arrange Wednesday studio bookings, contact Deborra Brannon at or call the SMC administrative office at (530) 938-5285
  • Specially arranged studio bookings for Wednesday morning or evening, or on days other than MCTV15’s regular Wednesday production day, are available as SMC scheduling permits. The studio rental fee for a specially arranged time slot is $45.
  • To arrange studio bookings on days other than Wednesdays, contact Deborra Brannon at or call the SMC administrative office at (530) 938-5285
  • Production slots in the YCTV4 studio on Miner Street in Yreka will be available by arrangement once the studio construction is complete (Note: completion target date is Spring 2014)
  • YCTV4 booking fees will range from $30-45 per 2.5 hour production slot
  • All bookings must be confirmed, verbally or via email, by Siskiyou Media Council staff

Equipment Rental and Editing Bay Booking Protocol

  • All individual, family, non-profit, and business members of Siskiyou Media Council may rent equipment and book time at video editing bays managed and operated by SMC
  • Contact Deborra Brannon (contact info above) in advance to request equipment rental or to reserve the use of an editing bay
  • Requests will be honored on a “first come, first served” basis, as scheduling permits
  • Rental fee covers a 3-day rental period

Equipment Deposit

  • A check made out to Siskiyou Media Council in the amount of $300.00 must be left with SMC staff when equipment is checked out.
  • When all components of the rented equipment are returned in good working order, the uncashed check will be returned to the renter.
  • SMC reserves the right to cash the deposit check if equipment is not returned in good working order or is not returned at all within one week of its return due date.

*The fee for specially arranged MCTV15 studio bookings (for times other than the regular 12pm or 3pm Wednesday public access time slots) is $45.

** Equipment rental fee for Business Members is $45.